2008 Fountain Hills Decathaletes  win a Trophy
Press Release from Fountain Hills Unified School District #98


Nine students preparing since August took a series of exams in Science, Math, English, Literature and 6 other areas to compete in this years Region IV Academic Decathlon.  The theme of the competition this year was the Civil war.  The region IV competition, held at Dobson High School in Mesa, involved 20 schools. The schools in this region were mostly larger 4A and 5 A schools such as Basha HS, Dobson HS, Gilbert HS, Hamilton HS, Mesquite HS, Mountain Point HS, Red Mountain HS, and Westwood HS. 

The contestants from Fountain Hills were:

Jacob Ellis

Jamie Novotny

Ryan Hanford

Emily Stone

Damen Haughey

Hannah la Luzerene

Jeff Kuchan

Luka DJordjevic

Michelle Salloum

The alternates were: Deja Beamon and Martess Green

The team won their first trophy.  Fountain Hills was most improved team this year earning over 9,900 points above last year.  The director of the  decathlon indicated it has been a few years since a team improved that many points.  Out of twenty teams Fountain Hills ranked 13th. 

Teams awards to be presented Monday February 4th at the high school includes:

Jeff Kuchan - medal for team high super quiz score

Jeff Kuchan - medal for team high Language score

Jeff Kuchan - medal for team high music score

Damen Haughey -medal for team high Science score

Hannah La Luzerne - medal for team high art score

Jeff Kuchan - medal for team high math score

Damen Haughey - medal for team high Economics score

Hannah La Luzerene - medal for team high essay score

Jamie Novotny - medal for team high speech score

Hannah La Luzerene - medal for team high Interview

Jeff Kuchan received team high cumulative score 5538 points

Hannah Laluzerene received team high event score of 845 points.

Jamie Novotny and Damen Haughey will recieve scholarships for their two year participation.

The director of the Arizona Decathlon will inform all teams by this Friday 2/8/08 if they qualified for the state competition in March. The National competition will be held the end of April in California.

Dr. Paul McElligott

Science Department Chair

Summer School Director

Fountain Hills High School

16100 Pallisades Blvd

Fountain Hills, AZ 85268



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