Toyota / MIT car build starts
Our first meeting for the research club at Fountain Hills High School resulted in almost twenty students interested in various projects but the main interest was building a car.  Of these students eight students were taken over on Saturday the 23rd to have a planning meeting for the car.  Those students on our first car build trip were:

Josh Brocksen
Katey Phillips
Ally Clack
Haley Montanez
Eric Moser
Halie Spicer
Colin McWilliams
Nico Radda

The students were shown the preliminary parts that were purchased such as the chassis and fiber glass body parts.  They met Rick Henson of CCR Composites who discussed the car. He also discussed some of the steps that must be considered to do the construction  of the car body.  They then met Kevin Fern of AFV Tech who showed the students an engine being rebuilt for a project and an alt fuel car in conversion stages.

Students were very impressed with the prospects of building a state of the art car.  All of them were very excited about signing on for the two semester project.

Pictures attached.