ASU-PTL Solar Panels in Education
News Article

FHHS- Honors Chemistry Students, create storable hydrogen fuel from sunlight.

Using a solar panel from the ASU-PTL educational grant, FHHS students engage in a lab using the electricity from a single solar panel.  The panel is able to generate 50 volts and 1.5 amps of electricity.  Students hooked a salt solution to the panel and create pure hydrogen.  The apparatus is part of the research equipment used by the FHHS Research Club and is part of the equipment purchased from an SRP two-year grant.  The research at the high school focuses on the development of more efficient hydrogen production from off peak energy or free solar energy. Next year the club will apply stored hydrogen to fuel cells for powering District equipment.

Those students engaged in the experiment are from left to right:

Kyle Curtin, Grant Studer,  Ashley Clapper,  and Elizabeth Baker.

Students in the Honors Chemistry program produce storable hydrogen from free solar energy.