Chem 152
Take Home
spr 2011
Chemistry 152
Lecture and lab
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lab 3 write up
Lab 3 report
Chemistry 152 lecture
Chemistry 152 lab Syllabus
lab 4 write up
Lab 4 report
Beers law
Lab 1 Part A

Lab 1 Part B
Maricopa chem 152 course outline
Lab 2 Part A

Lab 2 Part B
On line lab with beers law . Must do and hand in
Maricopa chem 152ll course outline
Le Chatliers
Lab beers law Part A

Beers law Part B
Kf FeSCN Project 2
Project 3 relative strength of acids /bases
Optional Take home
Lab Rules
lab Unknown Diprotic write up
Lab  report
Lab Contract Chem 152 Ch 11 part a PP
Chem 152 Ch 11 part b PP
Chem 152 Ch 13 part a PP
lab  Hydrolysis of salts write up
Lab   report
Chem 152 Ch 13 part b PP
Chem 152 Ch 14 part a PP
Chem 152 Ch 14 part b PP
KSP Calcium
Chapter 15 power points
Chapter 16a power points
Chapter 16b power points
What are metals
Project 4
Chapter 17a power points
Chapter 17b power points
lab 7 write up
Lab 7 report
Chapter 24 power points
Chapter 19a power points
lab 8 on line lab
acid base
Chapter 20a power points
Chapter 20b power points
Chapter 21 power points