Hydrogen Education at FHHS
An Article on Technology Coming to FHHS

Paul McElligott

On Tuesday January 24th Mr. Dana Saar, Fountain Hills School Board Member, EVIT Board member, and educator, held seminars all day at Fountain Hills High school.  He presented a talk on “Problem Solving” and how it applies to all jobs and all levels of education.  During the discussions Mr. Saar discussed the programs at EVIT including the new hydrogen technology center at the school. 

As part of his presentation Dana discussed and demonstrated an EVIT Hydrogen Car.  This car is one of the EVIT research projects involving scientists around the country as well as their own students. The car was donated by the Mesa Police department.  It is a Crown Victoria that has a modified injector system and timing.  The car runs on 25% to 50% hydrogen and the balance methane. The car, modified with only $1500 in parts, has only one available fueling station down town near the airport.  In the near future there will be three more.  Plans are under way to place a station at EVIT, a second station in East Mesa and a third in west Phoenix. 

I had the pleasure to drive the car and it has very good pick up.  Mr. Saar reports the car has been on a test track and clocked at up to 125 MPH.  Students were fascinated by the car.  One student noticed how after a few minutes of running the engine was hardly warm.  This talk was recruited as part of the hydrogen energy education program at the high school.
Dana Saar talks to Science Students at FHHS. The Hydrogen car of EVIT
There are three tanks for fuel in the trunk for experimental purposes.
The engine of the hydrogen car showing the methane/hydrogen fuel injection.