2007 Physics and Chemical Olympics
The first Science Olympics were held at the high school December 3 7th 2007.  Christina Merrill and Paul McElligott organized the 10 classes amounting to 300 students in the Olympics this year.  The schedule and description of the events are below:

Physics Olympics Week

December 3 Egg Drop competition Attempt to drop a protected egg a distance of  4 meters without breaking


December 4 Bernoulli's principle competition. float a ping pong ball on a stream of air into a target


December 5   - Tallest Tower Competition create a 1 meter tower with a piece of paper and tape.


December 6 Strongest bridge competition make a toothpick bridge that can hold one pound of  force.


December 7 -  Catapult competition propel a ball up to 4 meters.

Solar Oven competition. heat 100 grams of water using a solar oven. (postponed)

Chemistry Olympics Week

December 3 Home Made Balance  Competition weigh an unknown object with 0.01 gram accuracy


December 4 Mass Composition Competition Alcohol mixture determine the % alcohol in a water mixture


December 5   - Crystal Weigh In -  Percent purity competition Percent Copper (II) in a product


December 6 Identify the Reaction Composition viewing a series of  short reactions and identify the type of reaction.


December 7 -  Home made boats competition float a maximum amount of pennies on a wax paper boat

Winners of the 10 classes will be announced soon.

Pictures are attached.