BIG WIN at SCC Math Science Field Day 2007
Fountain Hills came in First place over all tieing Mesquite High in the Math Science Field Day at SCC.

Math Team A Algebra II
Jamie Novotny
John Hottenstein
Luka D'Jorgevic

Math Team B
Amanda Ernst
Anna Chrzanowski
Jason Sercu

Math Team C Calculus
Zach Franklin
William Le Seur
Craig Reski

Science Team A
Kim Pomper
Devin Strang
Damen Haughey

Science Team B

Jason Yalim
Jeff Burrow
James Vancel

Special Project Team
Kristen Charmichael
Kimberly Meyers
Charles Vitellaro

During the competition:

1. William Le Seur took top math score for Fountain Hills two years in a row. 

2. Coming in first place was the Fountain Hills special project team.  They had the SCC mascot float to the top of the auditorium in the longest time.

Finally, the team of Vancel, Le Seur, Burrow and Yalim competed with Corona del Sol and Mesquite High in Science/ Math Jeopardy.  The Jeopardy scores of the teams were Mesquite 9, Fountain Hills 8 and Corona del Sol 6.

Fountain Hills was announced the winner over all.  Tieing Fountain Hills was Mesquite High for first.
The team enjoys breakfast at SCC. Damen Haughey before the competition.
Ms. Jennifer Holmwall Math Chair (left)attended the event. Carmichael, Meyers and Vittellaro prepare for their first project lift off.
The special project team watch as Artie lifts off again. The Joepardy team relaxes before the competition.
The Fountain Hills Teams return home triumphant. Carmichael and Meyers hold their Special team winning Artie mascot.